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    Psychotherapy for Adolescents

    Adolescents may go through difficult periods as they grow up and leave childhood behind them. The American Academy of Pediatrics calls adolescence a time of major transition physically, emotionally and socially.

    Common Stressors and Challenges of Adolescence:

    • School Difficulties
    • Peer Relationships
    • Family Relationships
    • Sexuality
    • Substance Abuse
    • Technology and Cellphone use

    If adolescents are not able to adequately handle these pressures, they can make choices that are not in their best interest. As a result, adolescents may experience low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, sleep problems and isolation.

    Psychotherapy can help adolescents feel better and develop healthy ways to manage the stress and challenges in their life and relate to others in a more positive way. Contact me today for a free consultation.